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VIENNA-TEC 2012 :Final preparations for the international trade fair for the technical trades and industries

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From the 9th – 12th October 2012 at Messe Wien the fourth edition of the VIENNA-TEC will be featuring 550 direct exhibitors and approximately 550 represented companies +++ Six trade fairs united under one roof +++

At the beginning of October the fourth edition of Austria’s largest international trade fair for the technical industries and trades, the VIENNA-TEC, opens for business. From the 9th, up to and including the 12th October 2012, around 550 direct exhibitors and approximately 550 businesses with 3rd party representation will be joining up at Messe Wien from 14 nations (last update 18th September 2012) as they showcase their goods, services and the latest news and innovations from the six theme sections integrated into the VIENNA-TEC: ‘Automation Austria’, ‘Energy-Tec’, ‘IE Industrieelektronik’, ‘Intertool’, ‘Messtechnik’ and ‘SCHWEISSEN/JOIN-EX’. The main theme at the 2012 VIENNA-TEC is ‘innovation@industry – The technologies and ideas of tomorrow’.

The list of exhibitors registered for the VIENNA-TEC is constantly kept up-to-date at:


Specialist fairs: Energy-Tec and IE Industrieelektronik

Providers on show at the ‘Energy-Tec’ and ‘IE Industrieelektronik’ fairs at the ‘VIENNA-TEC 2012’ industrial trade show guarantee high voltage activity as visitors are brought up to date on the very latest developments in energy technology and industrial electronics.


Protection from lightening surges and voltage overload

A big issue in energy and electrical technology is how to protect electrical and electronic systems from overvoltage surges caused by lightening or switching processes in medium and low voltage networks in buildings. There are more than enough devices and critical areas in any company that can be damaged or endangered by such interruptions. Power supplies, IT systems, control units and regulative devices in manufacturing plants can all be affected, so it is essential these key points are equipped with devices that negate the effects of lightning strikes and voltage overloads. Dehn is one of the companies exhibiting overvoltage processing devices designed to work within a coordinated system. Modular systems enable concepts for lightning and overload management to be implemented with a view to finding the most cost effective solution.


UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply

Every part of the industrial sector is dependent upon the security and safety provided by a reliable and uninterrupted power supply, right around the clock. UPS systems serve applications in telecommunications, manufacturing and automation, and are now also in great demand in the renewable energy sources sector. Increased incorporation of solar and wind power is contributing to the growing decentralisation of energy production while peaks and troughs also become more profound. Compact and modular UPS systems, as provided by exhibitors such as Benning, Kess and Rittal, ensure there are virtually no inconvenient power supply drop-outs – 24/7, 365 days a year. UPS solutions allow systems to be shut down safely without the loss of data and massive problems within plants are avoided when sudden power cuts do occur.


Measuring technology – precise results

A wide variety of measuring technologies are essential for the development and testing of modern electronic systems. Such measuring technology must be versatile enough to be adapted to a whole range of tasks, and may need to be augmentable at a later stage. Manufacturers such as Chauvin Arnoux, Dewetron, LeCroy, National Instruments, nbn, Grothusen and Rohde & Schwarz will all be here to face this challenge and the questions posed by visitors. It has become evident that devices in the cheaper price segment can offer as many functions as only the upper mid range equipment used to be able to provide as regards measuring equipment for electrical currents and voltages. This has been made possible by software developments. Furthermore, high-end appliances are working their way into even higher frequencies and sampling rates. Portable high-performance universal oscilloscopes are also very much in demand. In the past many users had to choose between a bulky, high performance oscilloscope and a portable device offering a considerably poorer performance. At the VIENNA-TEC the providers exhibit universal appliances with large, bright, high definition displays and rapid memory capacities that are both light in weight and only require a small surface on which to stand.


Electrical connectors – strong connections

System requirements for the transfer of data are constantly growing, both in telecommunication and in automation. In the manufacturing sector electrical connectors are expected to guarantee a secure and reliable electricity supply, even in the most extreme and challenging conditions. One trend is toward hybrid electrical connectors for the parallel transfer of data and power. This enables the cost of installation and the laying of cables to be reduced. The ‘VIENNA-TEC’ will be featuring the connection solutions of companies such as Balluff, Binder,

Fischer Elektronik, Gogatec, Harting, ISV, LEMO, Metzt Connect, PC Electric and Wago in all sizes, shapes and for all norms. The comprehensive electrical connector portfolio includes everything from miniature connectors with outer diameters of just a few millimetres through to large, multi-polar machine connectors. As well as offering standard products, the providers are also developing and producing situation specific connectors and customised made-to-fit solutions.


VIENNA-TEC 2012 – Innovation Mall: The Magic Flute and tooth scanners

For the first time this year, as part of the VIENNA-TEC, various educational, training and research institutions will be introducing fascinating concepts and solutions for the technical trades and industries. Displays have been set up in the ‘Mall’; a 450 metre connecting hall between the Messe Wien Congress Centre and the four expo halls featuring a number of practical prototypes:

The Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) may be able to make a visit to the dentist a more interesting event in the future – with a 3D tooth scanner. This video-based device is precise means of taking 3D inter-oral measurements of individual teeth, groups of teeth or an entire row of upper or lower jaw teeth. The 3D scan data is processed and generated in real time. During the measuring process the progress of the scan and 3D scan data is illustrated on a screen.

The Fachhochschule Technikum Wien will be displaying a number of projects. One of them is concerned with sports training devices. Their ‘SKInnovation’ project deals with an analysis of skiers in motion supported by measurement technology, both in laboratory and real life situations. This method can be used to study a wide range of skiing and travelling styles using special measuring on the skis or video analyses of the athlete in the sports test centre at the FH Technikum Wien, and in outdoor and competition environments. The results provide information regarding material performance and properties, best uses and potential improvements.

Car owners love riding the green wave through each set of traffic lights and now the Fachhochschule Technikum Wien has also developed a corresponding solution for cyclists, known as the ‘KoRa’, that ‘synchronises’ traffic lights for cyclists so that they too can get through the lights whenever possible.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart would have probably liked the students of the HTBLuVA in St. Pölten. At the Innovation Mall the students will be presenting a very special version of the ‘Magic Flute’ as MIDI files are automatically played on wooden recorder flutes via an SPS control mechanism.

For more information about the ‘Innovation Mall’, check out the following continuously updated link content:

Opening times and details

The VIENNA-TEC is open every day from 09.00 to 18.00 on Tuesday 9th to Thursday 11th October, and on Friday 12th October 2012 from 09.00 to 17.00. A complete and continually updated information service on exhibitors, side events and general details regarding the VIENNA-TEC, is available around the clock at (+++)

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