Bosch Rexroth Motion & Motors & Drives

Bosch Rexroth at SPS IPC Drives 2012

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Exhibit A

IndraDrive Cs Sizes and IndraDrive Cs with Safety-On-Board (STO/SBC) displayed at the show in Germany November 2011.

Exhibit B

IndraDrive Cs Advanced, MLD-M, with Easy Handling Solution.

Exhibit C & Exhibit D

IndraDrive Mi Ver. 2
Features: SERCOS III, Safety-On-Board (STO), and optional
Multi-Ethernet ports for Fieldline I/O

Exhibit E

IndraControl S20: New performance class for I/O, IP 20, robust design for extreme conditions with real-time communication system SERCOS III. Fastest signal processing with shortest update rates of 1 µs per module.

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