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Bosch’s solutions enhance efficiency, flexibility and safety at Emballage 2012

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At Emballage 2012 in Paris, France, Bosch Packaging Technology presents solutions designed for efficient and high-quality packaging of food and non-food applications, the latest innovations for the pharmaceutical industry and its after-sales service portfolio.

A highlight at the show is the new version of the FLK piston filling machine, designed to fill up to 120 containers per minute with viscous products such as creams or shampoos. For increased flexibility in packaging sizes, the FLK is now available with either a piston filler or a mass flow unit for increased flexibility in packaging sizes. The mass flow unit allows pressure to be adapted for the easy filling of containers of differing sizes. The FLK is designed for precise and accurate filling, with servo-assisted movement enabling quick format changes. Due to the lack of moving parts, maintenance costs are reduced.

Bosch also presents its Pack 301 LD (Long Dwell) horizontal flow wrapper incorporated with the Delta-Robot Paloma D2 1R. The combination provides manufacturers with a seamless packaging system, with the robot feeding products into the flow wrapper, which runs up to 150 packages per minute. The Pack 301 LD machine’s revolving sealing system allows for longer sealing times compared with traditional rotary cutting heads, which results in air-tight sealed seams. Applicable for a great variety of products, the Pack 301 LD is particularly ideal for fresh, perishable goods where Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is requested. The Paloma Delta-Robot is controlled via Bosch’s innovative Gemini 4.0 Delta-Robot Controller, which increases the acceleration and pick up rates of Delta-Robots thanks to its advanced software.

For the pharmaceutical industry Bosch presents the new product line PreVAS (Pre-Validated, Pre-Assembled, Pre-Sterilized), highly cost-effective plug and play tools which provide additional flexibility for aseptic filling operations backed by comprehensive validation packages. At Achema 2012 Frankfurt/Main, Germany Bosch Packaging Technology and Sartorius Stedim Biotech (SSB) announced a long-term global partnership agreement which covers the mutual design and development of single-use filling solutions.

Manual inspection devices are used for smaller batch sizes, customized applications, laboratory analyses, stability surveys and evaluations of test sets. The Eisai Machinery ETAC Easy View, for instance, is another technical innovation for containers with diameters from 8 to 50 millimetres which will be exhibited on the booth. The inspection device examines vials, ampoules, syringes and cartridges for particulate contamination and cosmetic container defects. The device is user-independent and fully validatable. Due to its compact design and its small weight, the table-top device is flexibly applicable.

On show at Emballage 2012 will be Bosch’s comprehensive after-sales service portfolio, including its CBT Mobile maintenance tool. This solution helps manufacturers to streamline operations on packaging lines and support production optimization, with information to advise operators on packaging format changes, troubleshooting and standard operating procedures. Also on display will be the E-Portal, a customized spare parts ordering platform that helps manufacturers optimize their spare parts logistics and offers efficient processing of orders and requests by making machine-specific spare parts data readily available.

Bosch’s service engineers will be available for discussion, and will provide insight into the company’s preventive maintenance service that helps optimize the performance of all types of machinery and packaging lines. With preventive maintenance agreements customers ensure that appropriate and periodic maintenance activities are carried out at scheduled intervals by Bosch’s experts or customer’s trained engineers.

Bosch’s products and services are on show at Emballage, in Paris, France, 19 to 22 November 2012, hall 5a, section F, booth 64.

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