Festo: Handling system for gripping, feeding and press-fitting plug connectors

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Powerful, dynamic and compact. A handling system from Festo combines the gripping and feeding of press-fitted plug connectors with the assembly process. Dual monitoring ensures that all the pins have been press-fitted with the appropriate force and fit precisely. Printed circuit boards can thus be assembled more efficiently. The handling system is a perfect example of cooperation between the latest electric drives and vision systems.

The use of press-fitted plug connectors in power semiconductors ensures greater reliability in the complete system, even at higher temperatures and in harsh environments. For their production, compact and clever handling systems with integrated test engineering are needed. The heavy-duty axis EGC-HC and the spindle axis ESBF make it possible to combine the Pick & Place and press-fitting processes. For electronics manufacturers, the ready-to-install system solution delivers outstanding time savings and the reliability of a proven design.

Compact positioning system

The press-fitted plug connectors are fed by the new electric cylinder EPCO. In the Festo product range, this cylinder combines the advantages of pneumatic drives with those of electric drives. It is as simple as a pneumatic cylinder, but with the precision and speed of an electric drive. The integrated motor ensures that the positioning system is a compact unit.

Precise power unit

The heavy-duty toothed belt axis EGC-HD is used on the Y-axis. It easily handles high forces, yet is extremely precise. The profile with optimised cross section allows maximum rigidity. Thanks to the two parallel guides, the axis effectively absorbs the lateral forces and torques. It is thus ideal for use as an electric gantry axis, which combines the handling system and press-fitting operation.

Dual monitoring

The vertical spindle axis ESBF press-fits the pin contacts of the Sub-D plug connectors in the printed circuit board. Dual monitoring ensures greater reliability. On the one hand, the press-fitting is checked with a sensory force/displacement analysis. This measures whether the joining forces and thus the connection have achieved the required contact force. The intelligent Compact Vision System SBO..-Q with integrated CoDeSys PLC then checks whether all pins fit precisely.

Ready-to-install handling system

Festo delivers the ready-to-install system solution directly to the machine, fully assembled and tested. All pertinent engineering data and circuit diagrams are also supplied, together with a comprehensive operating and fixed-price guarantee. Customers receive not just hardware in the form of a ready-to-install subsystem, but a complete added-value package. This total solution eases the burden on technical personnel, keeps design costs low, simplifies the procurement process and reduces process costs.


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