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Omron Sysmac NJ controllers – new Delta robot functions

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The Sysmac Machine Automation Controller has new added functionality for Delta robot control. These new additions enable the user to design and build powerful solutions enhancing throughput of machines, whilst dramatically simplifying the selection, programming and commissioning of the system.

The new Sysmac controller

Three new models are added to the range, providing a choice between 16, 32 and 64 axes of control. It’s possible with the right controller to control up to eight Delta robots, as well as the other servo axes and devices associated with the project, thereby providing one single programming environment. All have both EtherNet/ IP and EtherCAT ports as standard. The EtherCAT port is capable of controlling not only servo drives, such as the Omron G5 series, but also Omron inverters, I/O and the new FQ-M vision sensor.

The G5 servo drives

All robot axes are controlled by the G5 series servo. This means it’s the same servo controlling not only the robot axes, but can be used to control all other axes on the machine, thereby greatly simplifying the setup and commissioning process. The G5 series boasts many features including safety embedded, advanced tuning, compact size and excellent performance.

New FQ-M Vision sensor

The FQ-M vision sensor has been specifically designed for Pick & Place solutions. The FQ-M has an EtherNet and EtherCAT ports built-in, plus a direct encoder connection, thus providing seamless integration with the Omron automation architecture. The FQ-M can detect multiple pieces in the field of view in a very short period of time, and presents this information direct to the Sysmac controller.


The Delta models complement the existing SCARA robots, already available. Omron have more than 70 models, and are an ideal solution where the user faces projects involving heavier parts handling in combination with high speed cycles.

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