Kistler at Motek 2012 in Stuttgart

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Kistler has been in attendance with a variety of products from its range of sensors and systems for joining, installation and testing technology. The pressure, force, torque and acceleration-measuring specialist will be highlighting the new maXYmos TL XY monitor with enhanced functionality and demonstrating the new features of the maXYmos BL XY monitor.

New: maXYmos BL XY Monitor Keeps Quality and Costs under Control

Key features of the maXYmos BL include its intelligent menu system using a 3.5″ color touch screen, highly practical evaluation and diagnostic functions, and a universal, modern case concept based on a modular approach for desktop, wall and front panel mounting.

The maXYmos BL is a tool for monitoring standard joining and assembly processes as well as product and material testing. It boasts a large internal measurement curve memory for virtually continuous monitoring of the curve along with 16 measurement programs, each with 4 evaluation objects. The ability to display stored families of curves considerably simplifies fault analysis for the process, while fast data transmission via the built-in Ethernet interface fitted as standard also enables documentation of process data for traceability down to individual part level.

The maXYmos BL records and interrelates two measurands that can be supplied, for example, by force or torque sensors (Y-channel) and potentiometric displacement or angle sensors (X-channel). It then uses evaluation objects to analyze quality-relevant sections of the recorded measurement curves.

maXYmos TL XY Monitor with Powerful Evaluation Techniques for Challenging Monitoring Applications

Kistler is now offering the successful concept behind the maxYMos BL in the maXYmos TL Type 5877A… with enhanced functionality. The maXYmos TL can be used for simple force-displacement monitoring through to challenging applications in assembly and product testing. Starting in 2013, the top-level version will gradually replace the established ControlMonitors CoMo Logic, CoMo Sys, CoMo View, CoMo Net and evaluation systems DMF-P A300/A400.

The extensive functionality and straightforward operating concept using an intelligent menu system are based on the maXYmos BL. Key features of this high-end XY monitor are more powerful evaluation techniques, a larger selection of connectable sensors, unrestricted choice of fieldbus types, expandability up to 8 pairs of XY-channels and a large (10.4″), high-resolution, color touch screen display.

The maXYmos TL offers an array of useful functions in the field of process monitoring. It detects tool breakage with the aid of gradient monitoring and responds in real time. The short evaluation times allow monitoring of up to 20 parts/second, while 128 measurement programs with 10 evaluation objects each ensure flexibility in terms of the evaluation criteria and variety of parts. A curve memory for the NOK diagnosis provides access to the 500 most recent curves.

The maXYmos TL consists of a measuring and evaluation module (MEM) and a display module (DIM). Both components can be installed separately from each other – so that they are only connected via the monitor cable – or they can function as a single compact me-chanical and electrical unit.

The maXYmos TL stands out with a flexible case concept and the MEM is fitted with Profibus DP, ProfiNet, EtherNet/IP and Modbus/IP. Interfaces for all common sensor types are also standard features. The maXYmos TL will be available from January 2013.

Electromechanical NC Joining System with Integrated Force Monitoring

In addition to the XY monitors, Kistler will be presenting a variety of its electromechanical NC joining systems such as the NCFT Type 2157B… with integrated force monitoring in the ram. It uses radio telemetry to transfer the force signal wirelessly. The NC joining module meets the strict requirements for manufacturing environments as determined by the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA) in Stuttgart. It may be operated in any ISO 8 clean room, or even in ISO 7 clean rooms with the adoption of a minor modification.

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