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New Fieldbus Connectors from ESCHA

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Comprehensive connectivity portfolio for sercos- and EtherCAT applications. The connector- and housing technology specialist ESCHA extends its connectivity product portfolio for fieldbus systems. As of now, connectivity components for sercos and EtherCAT will be included in the product range.


In the past few years, sercos has developed into a worldwide accepted real-time communication standard for demanding and precise applications. The third generation sercos-series – sercos III – based on Standard-Ethernet facilitates a combination of various manufacturers’ devices. With sercos III, any automation devices such as controls, servo drives, and E/A-Periphery communicate via a common Ethernet-based network. The relevant transmission speed is 100 MBit/s.

For a safe and industrial-suited data transmission between the individual components,

ESCHA offers sercos-compatible connection- and junction cables with a drag-chain suited cable quality (PUR) of category Cat5e in M12x1 housing style (4-pole, male, straight/right-angle) and RJ45 (4-pole/8pole, male, multiport- capable). ESCHA products guarantee optimal network utilization through high signal reserves.

Considering the necessary shielding for fieldbus connectors, ESCHA relies on its own development of the patented 2SSK-technology. In case of this two-shell shielding concept, connecting the shield is not effected through a shield connection crimped on the cable, but through a reliable crimping with the shield housing. The concluding two-component overmoulding guarantees the round connector protection classes IP67, IP68 and IP69K.


The new connector line for EtherCAT-applications also benefits from the ESCHA 2SSK-technology. In addition to connection- and junction cables in M12x1 housing styles (4-pole, male/female, straight/right-angle) and RJ45 (4-pole/8-pole, male, multiport-capable), M8x1 connectivity components (4-pole, male/female, straight/right-angle) for EtherCAT are available as well. These can be optionally equipped with a drag-chain suited PUR- cable or a PVC-cable for moving applications. Both cable qualities meet the Cat5 category requirements.

Likewise, the EtherCAT is based on the Standard-Ethernet-Technology, and provides users with the following advantage among others: In contrast to other fieldbus systems, the process data are initially not anymore received on each component, interpreted and eventually copied. Instead, the data package is processed ‘on-the-fly’. This means that each device reads the data addressed to it while the data telegram is already being forwarded to the next device. During this process, new data can even be put in simultaneously. This all only leads to a slight delay of nanoseconds in data transmission compared to other systems and increases transmission speed.


Since the end of May 2012, the shielded variants of ESCHA M8x1 and M12x1 connectors have been UL-approved. The new product lines also meet the safety requirements of the North American market (USA and Canada) in combination with the UL-approved PUR-cable qualities for sercos and EtherCAT.

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