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HMIs from Mitsubishi Electric fit the toughest system and budget requirements

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Mitsubishi Electric has extended its GOT1000 series of HMIs to provide a comprehensive range of terminals, with everything from compact models with basic functions right through to high performance models with full multimedia capability and a host of features and functions including embedded communications.

All the HMIs feature an advanced design and offer new benchmark performance standards to enhance any machine, production line or control installation.

The GOT1000 series offers six classes of terminals to fit any application and budget requirement. The GT10, GT11, GT12, GT14, GT15 and GT16 ranges extend the capabilities of HMIs beyond just visualisation, providing additional features and functions that will help to reduce downtime, enable fast recovery from simple errors, increase availability and boost production efficiency.

Screen sizes range from 3.7” to 15”, including portable versions that put rich functionality and high performance in the palm of your hand. The wide range of products gives users the precise combination of functions, size and features to meet the needs of individual applications.

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