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Smart camera LSIS 400i with new features

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The device models and the current software version of the LSIS 400i smart camera from Leuze electronic have been expanded. From now on, devices with integrated IR or RGBW LED illumination as well as a model for C-mount lenses are also available. New features were added to the software.

The device models with integrated IR (infrared) or RGBW (red green blue white) LED illumination feature the same characteristics as the previous devices, save for the light color. The IR models can also be used in applications where, depending on the material, low reflection, better transmission or immunity against external light interference is required.

LSIS 400i with RGBW illumination, on the other hand, allows for higher testing reliability thanks to appropriate light color selection or even analysis with a monochromatic camera.

The new LSIS 400i models with C-mount lenses do not feature motor-driven focus adjustment. In return, they are highly flexible when used with commercial lenses with typical focal lengths of 6 mm to 75 mm. With these smart cameras, codes can be read from long distances of up to 2 m, for example.

New accessory parts round out the hardware improvements, which include an optical diffuser and a polarization filter which eliminates reflexions.


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