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Hydraulic controls: Safe, flexible press control

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Simple, secure realization of hydraulic controls: the new modular 4X series type M press control meets these standards. The basic module combines standard and safety functions for press applications. Defined interfaces to standard enhancements increase the degree of freedom for design engineers as well as the option of integrating customer-specific functions. In addition, the new modules create potential for dramatically increasing presses’ energy efficiency.

As a safety-based hydraulic control unit, the 4x series M modules comply with EN954-1:1996, category 4 as well as EN693:2009 with slower closing speed in the case of command settings with automated reset. With numerous standard functions such as proportional press force control, soft fast approach-press switching or test control unit to prevent accidents due to hydraulic failures, the basic module even meets the requirements of around 50% of applications in press, plastics and rubber machines. With the new generation of modules, users can choose from a finely-scaled spectrum between a nominal size of 6 up 32. With a maximum operating pressure of 350 bar and a maximum pump quantity of 750 l/min, they provide up to 30% more volumetric flow with the same nominal sizes than what the standards are on the market.

In addition to the standard enhancements made to the previous series, new add-on modules also allow for a die spotting feature with 10 mm/s. Defined interfaces for the direct mounting of additional features significantly reduce the pipework time and effort and reduce time to market. In addition, the basic modules are also equipped for the flanging of IH15 standardized control plates. They can be implemented for internal control oil treatment of pump regulations with accumulator safety block. Together with users, Rexroth can also realize special features, such as cutting impact dampening. The press modules reduce time and effort for machinery manufacturers for realizing customer-specific versions because the mounting surface remains the same independent of the add-on modules. The press modules are also suitable for direct mounting onto tank lids. That reduces time and effort spent on pipework to an even greater degree and lowers pump noise emissions.

The new press control also meets the increased machine energy efficiency standards requested by users. It is optimized for the use of Sytronix variable speed pump drives. These need-based drives reduce hydraulic energy consumption by up to 80% depending on the cycle character.



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