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MATELEC 2012: business opportunity for the electric and electronic industry

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The event will facilitate companies in presenting their latest technological advances, especially in relation to energy efficiency Renewed impetus to the fair’s international dimension, which has articulated an ambitious program of buyers in the major markets of interest to the sector MATELEC 2012, the International Salon of Solutions for the Electric and Electronic Industry, is holding its sixteenth edition; it is a trade fair that …

In this way, MATELEC reinforces its position as the largest industrial fair in Spain, focused on supporting the interests of the electrical and electronic equipment industry, and providing companies with a marketing tool to help them in their business strategies. To do this, MATELEC has undertaken an extensive remodelling of its structure, including the different sectors of which it is comprised to provide a broad overview of the industry:
Electrical Installation Technology;
Lighting and illumination solutions;
Telecom System Integrators and Digital Home,
Building Automation,
Industrial and Electronic Control. .

Attractive new features for the sector The leading electrical industry needs cutting-edge technology for sustainable development and MATELEC will contribute to this with the presentation of devices and solutions which actively contribute to performance improvement and energy bill savings for the industrial, tertiary and domestic sectors. To do so, the Salon will bring together an extensive and varied range of solutions for the home, businesses, hospitality, offices, the public sector and industry with which to reduce excessive consumption of energy resources as well as the electricity bill.

For example, the solutions targeted at electric production, distribution and storage will stand out for contributing to proper energy management, for which equipment for smart grids, electronic meters and remote management meters, metering and testing equipment, starter systems, highly efficient uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and storage batteries will be presented, among others. As for installers, the exhibitions will focus on instrumentation, installation kits, capacitor banks, power factor improvement, surge protection, etc.

New products related to efficient lighting, solutions for road and public space lighting, architectural, industrial, commercial, decorative, tertiary and residential lighting, including innovative lights, will be exhibited; automation and control of dwellings, buildings and industry, movement detectors, solutions for monitoring environmental and meteorological parameters, network analysers and network quality analysers, for example; and system integration and the digital home – cutting-edge home automation systems. .

A broad international character In order to promote business generation among exhibiting companies, MATELEC has invited more than 600 international buyers and importers from the four geographical areas of interest: Mediterranean Countries, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Latin America. These geographical areas have been identified as those with the greatest import capacity in the short and medium term for the type of equipment being exhibited in the event. Evidence of the fair’s growing profile abroad can be found in its initiative to launch a counterpart edition in the emerging market of China. With the collaboration of this partner Asian country, MATELEC 2012 will be the presentation space of the Shanghai International Expo of Electric and Smart Technologies for Building 2013, MATELEC EIBT China 2013, to be held from 27 to 29 March 2013 in Shanghai. . Energy efficiency is the star of the conference In addition to encouraging business opportunities, MATELEC will offer an extensive program of technical seminars for professionals with the aim of becoming a discussion forum for improving energy efficiency. The activities will include the First SMART Grids Congress; the Second Energy Efficiency Congress, and seminars on systems for controlling consumption in the hotel industry, architecture for renovation, effective energy saving measures for retail spaces, hotels and restaurants, and the light+architecture pairing. There will also be a seminar on renovation in health centres, nursing homes and hospitals, and another on efficient lighting. .

A committed sector MATELEC is holding the first Energy Efficiency Week, which will include tours through public spaces, hotels, shopping centres and efficient residential buildings and renovations. It will be the contribution of the fair’s organisers to raising social awareness on the importance of saving, environmental impact and the influence of safety. All of this will be under the watchful eye of the new MATELEC emblem, Candela, inspired by the Virgin of the Candlemas, patron saint of electricians, who will tell us about the Ten Commandments of efficient use for the home and tertiary sector.

Finally, and given MATELEC’s commitment to energy efficiency, the event’s energy impact will be permanently measured while it is underway in order to put offsetting or corrective measures into place for the next edition and move toward being a sustainable event. The first step towards efficiency is always measurement and information on where consumption is coming from. The company SinCeO2 will be charged with measuring the fair’s energy consumption and CO2 impact.

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