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New application options for the DIO280

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The DIO280 digital input and output module with an extended range of functions: The integrated counters and outputs for pulse width modulation (PWM) provide the DIO280 with a number of new and interesting application options.

The DIO280 comes with 32 digital inputs and 32 digital outputs, as well as 16 digital channels that can be configured as either inputs or outputs. Eight of these freely configurable channels could already be used as interrupt sources. These can now be configured via the SolutionCenter into four full-featured 32-bit counters, for either up or up and down counting.

The integrated PWM function is an absolutely new feature: These can be used, for example, to operate valves economically. The period duration can be set as required between 500µs to 1s with a freely selectable mark to space ratio. Once configured, the signal is always active as soon as the appropriate output is triggered.

High serviceability

All the previous functions of the module have been completely retained with full compatibility. The module can be replaced during servicing without any additional effort. Only the I/O driver has to be updated beforehand in order to use the new features. The new functions are then fully available.

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