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Emerson Innovative Solutions Power Transmission Solutions at PACK EXPO 2012

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Power Transmission Solutions, a business of Emerson Industrial Automation, today announced it is attending PACK EXPO 2012 in Chicago, October 28–31. Power Transmission Solutions develops innovative solutions in product and material design to support its global customers’ requirements for sustainability in beverage production. Emerson extends this focus on innovation and sustainability into all of its marketing initiatives and messaging, including its trade show booth. At this year’s PACK EXPO, the Power Transmission Solutions booth (#4738) will showcase the following:

Examples of the consistent sustainability messaging — “What Happens When We Don’t Conserve the Earth’s Resources” — through its trade magazine ads, industry websites and social media promotions

An augmented reality display featuring a new iPad® app that will mirror the “What Happens When …” advertising and social media campaigns

A Conveyor Calculator mobile app that allows the user to evaluate their current application compared to the System Plast™ solution. It helps assign the opportunity value in terms of what the user could potentially gain from addressing their current situation.

A 3D Cad drawing of scaled down size boat. Inside the boat will be a hologram of a man who will speak to the visitors in the booth.

An interactive touch-screen display featuring the innovative solutions relevant to glass bottle line applications. The touch-screen display allows the user to interact with application’s “hotspots” which open a pop-up window displaying information about the Power Transmission Solutions’ product used in that particular location.

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