KROHNE at SPS/IPC/DRIVES: Play it safe with extended process diagnostics

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At SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2012, KROHNE will present examples of how to integrate state-of-the-art process measuring technology into communication systems. Representative of the entire portfolio, a few functional models will be used to demonstrate how measuring devices can be connected to fieldbus communication interfaces such as Profibus, HART and Foundation Fieldbus. Of particular interest to users is that not only can the measuring devices transfer flow, level and temperature values, but also information from the integrated diagnostic functions.

For example, gas entrainment in liquid mediums is a very important diagnostic information: many users do not know that they have gas entrainment. In fact, this is one of the main reasons for false dosings. With the new OPTIMASS 6400, KROHNE now has a solution for this problem: OPTIMASS 6400 is the world’s first Coriolis mass flowmeter to feature advanced Entrained Gas Management (EGM).

In the past, gas entrainments in liquid media presented a huge challenge for mass flowmeters because the relative movement between gas and fluid dampens the amplitude of the measuring tube. This dampening leads to inconsistent sensor amplitudes, which interfere with the electronics’ capability to determine the actual resonant frequency. While other mass flowmeters simply «freeze» their last stable reading to cover this «loss of measurement», the OPTIMASS 6400 with EGM is able to follow and correct for the varying amplitudes. This is achieved for entrained gas up to 100% of volume and continues to present an actual measured reading, together with an indication or configurable alarm for the user. This indication can be very helpful to improve processes as to identify transient gas entrainments.

Visitors at SPS/IPC/DRIVES are able to test the performance of OPTIMASS 6400 with gas entrainments live for themselves: a functional model of the device with a valve to dose air into the measured water is present at the KROHNE booth in Hall 4A, stand 441. In addition, a lecture about mass flow measurement under the condition of gas entrainments will be held in German language at the VDMA booth in Hall 4A.



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