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New Rexroth exhibit demonstrates key mechatronics principles at PACK EXPO 2012

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New platform  debut in booth #2552, PACK EXPO 2012 at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL and highlights how Rexroth helps make selecting and commisioning automation components simpler and more efficient.

During PACK EXPO 2012, engineers from Bosch Rexroth present Mechatronics @ Work, a demonstration platform created to showcase Rexroth drive and control technology and key mechatronics design and engineering principles.

As a leader in motion, drive and control solutions for the packaging and processing industries, Bosch Rexroth has pioneered innovative developments in mechatronics concepts and engineering approaches. The new trade show exhibit — which carries out functions like conveying, pick and place and robotic motion — has been created to showcase how effective mechatronics solutions utilize key principles such as energy efficiency, precision, modularity and intelligent integration.

The fully working system demonstrates functionality such as multi-axis motion, conveying and product transfer, advanced motion control and other automation tasks commonly required in applications such as case packing, collating and sortation.

The machine’s functionality was designed to help shed light on key principles that Bosch Rexroth believes are crucial to consider when selecting components and designing solutions for mechatronics challenges. These include:

1. Intelligent integration — how easily and reliably do mechanical and electronic components fit together? Are they designed for compact use of space?

2. Energy efficiency — what technical features help reduce energy consumption in machines, or help machines do more work with the same level of energy?

3. Modularity — How does the design of machine components help make it easy to modify/upgrade/re-configure machines for changing needs?

Over 15 different Rexroth technologies have been integrated into the Mechatronics @ Work demo system. Proven systems such as the VarioFlow chain conveyors, IndraMotion MLC L45 control platform and VKK linear feed modules have been combined with cutting-edge technology like the CKL linear module with ironless linear motor and the latest version of Rexroth’s award-winning IndraDrive Mi integrated motor/drive unit have been seamlessly combined into a working machine.

Rexroth engineers will be available throughout the show to further explain the capabilities of the individual technologies within the system and discuss the principles that Mechatronics @ Work demonstrates. There will also be qualified representatives to discuss the full range of Rexroth automation development platforms such as our IndraWorks controls authoring system, EasyHandling mechatronics solution and our PackML-compliant systems for processing and packaging applications.




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