COPA-DATA at the SPS IPC Drives 2012

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For the first time, at this year`s SPS IPC Drives 2012, COPA-DATA GmbH is presenting the zenon 7 Product Family to a wide audience in Germany. Above all, zenon 7 distinguishes itself through its full Multi-Touch support, many more ergonomic enhancements, tools for efficient working as well as maximum performance and security. Due to the anticipated legal specifications for Energy and Environmental Management Systems, the HMI/SCADA specialist is placing additional focus on the monitoring and management of energy consumption. With zenon, customers can increase their energy efficiency and continually save on costs.

COPA-DATA GmbH has established this year`s trade fair presence at SPS IPC Drives under the motto of «Simply experience Ergonomics» and, with it, is operating at the cutting edge: more and more machine and equipment builders demand that hardware as well as software suppliers offer ergonomic solutions which will continually increase efficiency in their companies.

«COPA-DATA always keeps the needs of the operator at the forefront of its focus. Ergonomics in industrial production processes and workflows is a key success factor for industrial companies,» Jürgen Schrödel, Managing Director of COPA-DATA GmbH Germany explains, «Hence, at the SPS IPC Drives 2012, we are presenting future-oriented and promising technologies and tools for intuitive, secure and, in turn, economic working.»

zenon 7 – efficient production processes and ergonomic workflow

For the first time, at this year`s SPS IPC Drives 2012, COPA-DATA is presenting zenon 7 to a wide audience in Germany. The new zenon Product Family for integrated, ergonomic automation solutions consists of four individual and, at the same time, completely integrated products: the zenon Analyzer for Dynamic Reporting, the SCADA system zenon Supervisor, the HMI system zenon Operator and zenon Logic, the integrated PLC system with an IEC 61131-3 programming environment. zenon 7 thereby covers the complete range of automation from sensor to ERP. Complete reusability and continuity allow for efficient engineering, easy handling and a marked saving on time and cost. COPA-DATA’s product offering is becoming more clearly structured for users and provides each company with the exact package required, tailoring it to individual needs. Customers can choose the functionalities which are needed for their particular project from the product family, optimizing these for their specific embedded or SCADA platform. For industry-specific projects in the pharmaceutical industry, users are now additionally offered a zenon Pharma Edition with tailored features for pharmaceutical processes (GAMP 5 classified, Audit Trail, compliance to the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulation).

Multi-Touch with zenon – a paradigm shift in the user guidance

COPA-DATA has fully implemented Multi-Touch technology – one of the first providers to do so – within the zenon Product Family and is presenting zenon 7, with its comprehensive Multi-Touch support, at this year`s SPS IPC Drives trade fair. Users of the Multi-Touch technology can profit from an optimal overview at the HMI as well as intuitive handling. The operational efficiency of machines and equipment becomes noticeably improved. Of particular importance in the industrial environment: thanks to two-handed operation, secure handling is ensured. Unwanted contact will not trigger functions or change values. Furthermore, the login procedure can be optimized, as users can authenticate themselves and login via a gesture-based login. Visitors to the SPS IPC Drives 2012 fair can let themselves be convinced by the Multi-Touch functions at various demonstration points and at the Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft PixelSense technology.

Efficient energy monitoring and energy management

Rising energy costs and legal specifications, such as DIN EN ISO 16001 for energy management, require industrial companies to calculate their energy consumption, to record data and evaluate it and use energy more efficiently on a long-term basis. zenon offers a variety of possibilities to optimize energy consumption. Companies can record, display, analyze and archive their energy consumption as well as the changes in energy use. zenon Analyzer enables both predefined and freely-configurable reports to be created for energy management. Furthermore, the zenon Energy Management System provides the possibility of optimizing energy consumption by means of sophisticated energy trend calculations. Companies can calculate consumption for a defined time period by means of current trends, and then react – either automatically or manually. If, for example, too much electricity is consumed, one can automatically connect to a generator or deploy a consumer from the network.

«Efficient energy management is a must from the viewpoint of the customer – and an entrepreneurial duty for a continued and responsible business approach. Every kilowatt hour saved means reduced costs,» explains Frank Hägele, Sales Manager at COPA-DATA GmbH Germany, «Furthermore, production companies can profit from increasing tax reductions if their energy management corresponds to the required legal specifications.»

Strong together – partners at the SPS IPC Drives 2012

This year the following companies will be exhibiting as our partners at the COPA-DATA booth:
EDAG GmbH & Co. KGaA (,
Hosch Gebäudeautomation GmbH (,
neogramm GmbH & Co. KG (,
Prozesstechnik Kropf Gesellschaft für angewandte Prozessleittechnik mbH (
UID User Interface Design GmbH (

[info]Visit COPA-DATA at the SPS IPC Drives 2012 in Nuremberg
November 27-29, 2012
Hall 7, Booth 7-590 [/info]



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