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KEBA at SPS/IPC/Drives 2012 with 2 new products

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KEBA will once again be presenting a whole host of highlights on Booth 7-470 at this year’s SPS/IPC/Drives trade fair in Nuremberg from 27-29 November.

These include intelligent system solutions to control robots and injection molding machines, a wide range of automation products, a look-ahead multi-robot live demo for packaging applications plus two exciting products in the pipeline.

Get in touch with your machine

The next generation of the KEBA multitouch control concept unites performance hardware together with software that has been perfectly tuned to it and a user-friendly graphical interface. Operation is intuitive using your fingers to pinch, swipe, tap etc. which enables quick and reliable input. Straightforward operator guidance is achieved through the specific fading in/out of elements. Operators get used to the system very quickly and, besides this, operating errors are effectively avoided.

Further buttons/keys and control elements can be conveniently added to the attractively shaped and industry-compliant housing of the multitouch monitor using plug-in expansion modules. Additionally, users also have KEBA’s unique haptic elements fitted directly on the glass surface which are at their disposal if required for improved finger guidance. This means that it is possible to use the touchscreen without having to look at the screen the whole time.

The combination of multitouch operation and IP65 protection class is also unique. The user-friendly touchscreen can even be used in difficult ambient conditions – something which was previously impossible in this form.

The KEBA multitouch control panel can be either integrated in the machine or mounted with a stand or carrier arm.

You can’t get it more compact

The KeDrive D3 is a compact, space-saving all-in-one system for an economic solution for a wide range of control, safety and drive tasks. This is a modular system with a uniform design factor and top power density, saving around 50% of the normal control cabinet volume as a result.

KeDrive D3 consists of a control system, optional cross-axis robotic safety control, 1-, 2- and 3-axis drive modules, power supply and I/O elements. The individual modules can be combined with each other as you wish. This results in numerous application possibilities in practice. Even complex plants can be automated easily, reliably and efficiently with this solution.

Furthermore the drive modules alone can be used as a decentralised drive solution on an existing control system. If you want to operate a 6-axis robot, for example, only two 3-axis modules are required besides the power supply module.

If the automation system has a modular set-up, the control module alone can be used just like a classic control system. Other system components such as drives, visualisations, I/Os etc. can be integrated without any trouble.

Thanks to these possibilities of a complete system, decentralised drive solution and classic control system with modular automation system, the KeDrive D3 covers just about every possible automation scenario.

KEBA Industrial Automation

The technology expert for optimized industry solutions

KEBA AG is a globally successful high-tech company that focuses on the automation of industry, banking and service processes, plus energy automation. The high-quality hardware and software components and system solutions are developed and produced in line with the company’s guiding principle of «Automation by innovation».

KEBA’s industrial automation business area concentrates on the automated control of robots, injection molding machines, processes and automation solutions for mechanical engineering in general. Furthermore, the Austrian company is the market leader for mobile operating terminals in industrial applications.

A wide range of series products are available for every possible application. In addition to this, experts develop client-specific, individual automation solutions quickly which are then implemented professionally in accordance with the respective requirements.

The extensive product portfolio with its perfectly interacting hardware and software modules enables KEBA to offer customized and comprehensive solutions from a single source.

This is why so many well-known and internationally successful mechanical engineering groups, robot manufacturers and service providers place their trust in KEBA products.

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