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A marionette is taking center stage at the SPS/IPC/Drives Fair in Nuremberg, Germany, November 27th-29th, where it will star in a live demonstration of smart energy management using the PROFIenergy profile for PROFINET.

The marionette will be guided by a robot inside a robot cell, acting out typical operational scenarios (e.g. normal operation, faults, brief pauses, long pauses) to highlight when energy savings are possible using PROFIenergy. The robot cell controller will shut down the robot and linked stations via PROFIenergy commands while measurement devices show the potential energy savings. Currently, in most production plants, energy is wasted during production-free periods such as breaks and weekends. The PROFIenergy profile provides an easy way to stop wasting this energy.

Many other innovations will be shown on the booth. For example, the use of PROFINET as a backbone network for process automation will be demonstrated for the first time. This development allows owners of PROFIBUS-based process plants to combine the benefits of PROFIBUS PA with the latest PROFINET specifications for enhanced plant operation.

A significantly-expanded IO-Link presentation will include many new vendors and their devices. The IO-Link portfolio now includes over 100 products. The range and performance of drive technology with PROFINET will be illustrated with a technology presentation and a live model. In addition, the potential for integrating the PROFIdrive interface in drives ranging from the simplest to the most complex will be shown. Pre-certified source code is now available for easy, cost-effective implementation of PROFIdrive, making the interface feasible for small manufacturers of drives for the first time (see also, story below).

SPS/IPC/Drives 2012 – Hall 6, Booth 210; Nuremberg, Germany, November 27th – 29th

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