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ABB exhibits new robots and solutions at CIIF 2012

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ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, today introduced the new IRB 5350 robot and several leading robotic stations in the first industrial robot show at the 2012 China International Industrial Fair (CIIF).

Dr. Chun-yuan Gu, head of the Discrete Automation and Motion Division, ABB North Asia & China, said, “China is at an important phase of its economic restructuring and energy efficiency is a key strategy for achieving industrial upgrade. As a global leader in automation technology, ABB not only provides advanced robotic products, solutions, and services to improve productivity and product quality, but also helps customers to achieve their goals in energy efficiency and emissions reduction with our energy-efficient motors that are strictly in line with China’s new standards.

China has become the world’s fastest growing robotics market. Installation of robots in China has risen by 136% from 2008 to 2011 and will grow another 15% in 2012 according to figures provided by International Federation of Robotics (IFR). Driven by rising labor costs and the strong demand for high-end equipment, robotic applications continue to grow rapidly.

Four ABB robotic solutions are on display at CIIF 2012, meeting customer needs in a variety of workplaces and environments. Newly designed for the automotive industry, the take-off robots and interior painting station can effectively clean dust from the car body before painting while the fully automated workflow can ensure high productivity. The ice cream packaging cell, widely used in the packaging of food, can make a workflow more efficient and smooth. The mouse assembly station is dedicated to moving or assembling parts in the production of consumer electronics in an efficient manner, while improving the engineering design. With the integrated design of welding gun, the spot welding robot station, applied to auto parts, can significantly decrease the usage and renewal of components, highlighted by its advantages in speed and production space.

In addition to the robot stations, ABB launched two brand new robot models, the IRB 5350 and IRB 1520ID. The door opener IRB 5350, with a compact design and precise action, is a great assistant in automotive interior painting. The IRB 1520ID is newly designed for arc welding to ensure continuous production. It can reduce maintenance costs by as much as 50% compared to similar products.

ABB’s robotic products and solutions have been widely used in a variety of operations, including welding, assembly, painting, packaging, and stacking, covering the automotive manufacturing, food and beverage, computer, and consumer electronics industries. For example, 70 x IRB 120 robots, the smallest in ABB’s robot family, were installed in Rapoo’s plant in Shenzhen this year. They not only free workers from labor intensive and repetitive processes, but also greatly improve productivity and reduce production cost by as much as 50%. Also, The flexibility of these robots have helped Rapoo reduce the time for developing automation equipment by 15%.

Dr. Gu added, “ABB is helping customers reduce energy consumption with its advanced energy-efficient motors. The 12th Five-Year Plan clearly states that China will prioritize energy-efficient motors, with a goal of ensuring that grade 2 motors or above account for an 80% share of the Chinese market by 2015. China has also started to implement the stricter energy efficiency standard known as GB18613-2012, which will further speed up the development of energy-efficient motors.”

Globally, industrial motors account for 28% of power generation, while the percentage is over 50% in China. Compared with a normal motor, a 0.75kw high efficient motor can reduce energy consumption by 33% according to industry research. As a global leader in the motor industry, ABB introduced the energy-efficient M3BP IE2 to the Chinese market in 2007. Subsequently, the new M2BA was unveiled in 2011.

The China International Industrial Fair is the most authoritative and influential international fair in China and the Asia Pacific to exhibit the latest industrial technology and products. To better serve advanced equipment manufacturers and introduce end customers to the latest industrial robotics technology, the first industrial robot show was presented at CIIF 2012. The show will last from Nov. 6-10 and is estimated to attract 100,000 visitors. The show is located in the W2 pavilion, as part of the Industrial Automation Show (IAS) in the Shanghai International New Expo Center.

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