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Compact NEC class2 power supply with power limitation

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With an output voltage of 24 V and 100 VA power limitation, the new Sitop PSU100C NEC class2 power supply is the latest addition to the Siemens Industry Automation Division’s power supply portfolio.

The Sitop PSU100C NEC class2 controlled power supply from the Sitop compact product range is certified to US standard NEC class2, and comes with an output power limitation of 100 VA. Typical fields of application for the newcomer include the automotive, semi-conductor and food industries. This compact power supply takes up just 52.5 millimeters of space on the hat rail, and can be positioned flush against other devices for maximum space savings. This makes it the perfect solution for distributed application in control cabinets. Its high level of efficiency across the entire load range helps save energy. Even in no-load operation, power loss is minimal at less than 0.75 Watts.

With an operating temperature range spanning -20 to +70 degrees Celsius and a wide-range input for single-phase alternating voltage and direct voltage grids, this new power supply offers outstanding scope for flexible operation anywhere around the world.

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