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Festo: Servo technology for everyone

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The high costs and complexity of servo drive technology are now a thing of the past. This is all thanks to the electric cylinder EPCO from Festo which includes web configuration and web diagnostics.

At the heart of the Festo positioning system «Optimised Motion Series», the electric cylinder EPCO is a prime example of the easy and low-cost use of electric cylinders in factory automation. With the two software tools «WebConfig» and «WebDiag», web configuration and web diagnostics are incredibly simple in conjunction with the motor controller CMMO.

As a result, the electric drive is just as easy to handle as a pneumatic cylinder. The motor integrated into the actuator is also partly to thank for this – as are the pre-assembled cables, suitable for use with energy chains and available in three sizes. With its various mounting accessories, it fits into any installation, and its so-called «clean look» with rounded corners and edges makes it easy to clean. The order code makes selection and ordering child’s play.


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