Gefran at SPS IPC Drives 2012

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Gefran will be participating in the 2012 edition of SPS Nuremberg (stand 4-260), the reference event in Europe in the field of industrial automation, which will be held in the German town from 27 to 29 November.

This year, Gefran will once again present innovative and avant-garde products, solutions and technologies.

Among these is the new range of TPD32 EV armature converters, which, in addition to significantly expanding the range of currents and power supplies, provides innovative system solutions to optimise the installation and maintenance of large power plants. For the control of continuous current motors, TPD32 EV offers technologies with 2 and 4 quadrants, up to over 5000A, with configurations of 6 and 12 serial or parallel pulses, as well as a wide range of regulators for controllers of external fields, magnets and galvanic plants.

With regard to position measurement sensors, Gefran will present ONPP-A, a new model of magnetostrictive transducer with patented ONDA technology designed specifically for the pneumatic sector. The same ONDA technology has been extended to the entire series of magnetostrictive transducers, including the MK4-A profile and IK4-A rod versions, thus ensuring performance and an avant-garde level of accuracy. In addition, the range of rod sensors has been enriched by the new SK4-A series, derived from the IK4-A and with a drastic reduction of dead zones.

KS industrial pressure transducers, which are compact, robust and versatile, now also available in the SIL 2 (Safety Integrity Level) version and certified by the TÜV laboratory in Rheinland, in accordance with the EN 62061 standard, and Impact Performance Level c, a fluid-free pressure transmitter at high temperatures conforming to the European EN1114-1 standard concerning the safety of extruders, are further innovations which will be presented by Gefran at the fair.

In relation to automation, Gefran has recently equipped the range of GFW power controllers with the innovative Electronic Fuse feature. This is able to handle short circuits and drastically reduce downtime, while ensuring unlimited protection of the device. Furthermore, the GFX4-IR power controller series, specialised in controlling infrared lamps, was recently provided with the Profinet option, while the new GTF series has acquired TUV certification.

GCube automation platforms will be further enhanced by the introduction of terminal operators in the GF_VEDO SL series (3.5 and 7 inch screens), which will integrate a powerful PLC (complete support of the 61131-3 standard), graphic management and a high connectivity (Ethernet port always present) into a single product. A powerful, compact and flexible solution, which is highly customised and can be used with thousands of small to medium applications.

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