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Data: securely at your finger tips

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Raima and Mitsubishi Electric Europe have extended their existing e-F@ctory collaboration, based on the Raima RDM database and Mitsubishi Electric iQ platform based C Controller, to deliver data safely and securely, directly to mobile devices, including iPads, on demand.

Raima and Mitsubishi Electric showed the concept to over 130 senior executives from Europe’s leading manufacturing companies at this year’s European Manufacturing Strategies Summit, October 29th-31st, in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Steinar Sande, CEO of Raima, said during the event, «This system provides easily accessible, real time data in order to decrease diagnostics costs and improve maintenance efficiency.» He went on to say, «Data transmitted directly to an employee’s mobile device allows the fastest possible response time to any problems.»

The system design is based on earlier work the two e-F@ctory Alliance members did to solve the issues of a common customer working in the mass rail transit sector, and so benefits from having high reliability and process safety designed in to its core. The use of proven core industrial hardware from Mitsubishi Electric in the shape of its iQ Platform based C Controller and the secure and robust Raima RDM database means database technology can easily be embedded in to the heart of a control system – the added benefit is that the data need not remain there and can be easily shared to mobile devices such as smartphones, iPADs and other tablet devices. This means users are no longer tethered to the side of their machine but are now able to roam the manufacturing environment and still receive critical production data directly to their hand.

Chris Hazlewood, Mitsubishi Electric EMEA Marketing Manager, added «Raima has over 20 years of experience in the database market and it shows in their technology. It’s reliable, rugged and secure; all things which appeal to industrial manufacturers and Process companies. This, combined with the equally rugged C Controller from Mitsubishi Electric, is a powerful means to ensure continuous performance.»

In recent years the increase in the number of computer viruses, especially ones which seem to be targeted at industrial applications, has set many companies thinking about their system stability and security. This was the trigger for Raima and Mitsubishi Electric to come together and create one possible answer to this issue. Both companies come from a world where uptime, reliability and availability are critical success factors and so the combination of their solutions is designed to suit these challenges and now with the added benefit that access to it can be “mobile”.

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