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Integrated safety solutions from Rexroth with CIP Safety on sercos

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The complexity of human-machine interfaces is growing with an increasing degree of automation. That makes the standardized, cost-effective realization of functional safety for OEMs increasingly important. To simplify the development of complex machines, Rexroth is integrating safety technology into the sercos automation network.

The CIP Safety on sercos safety protocol ensures safe communication from the control unit to the drive without any additional wiring. The SafeLogic and SafeLogic compact safety controls cover all complexity levels of safety-based automation in connection with the drive-integrated SafeMotion safety functions. The user can simply program standard and safety functions in the same engineering environment.

SafeLogic safely controls the drives for complex machines and plants, such as printing or packaging machines. The safety function module enhances all standard system solutions in the IndraMotion and IndraLogic family, turning them into control solutions with integrated safety functions. Customer-specific modifications in the standard control’s program sequence thus have no feedback effects on the safety functions. CIP Safety on sercos ensures safe communication without additional wiring. Engineers use the uniform IndraWorks engineering framework for standard and safety control. Thanks to the multi-safety master functionality, SafeLogic also enables the integration of decentralized safety peripherals from various manufacturers, thereby increasing investment security.

SafeLogic compact is used in compact machines and small to mid-size plants. The decentralized safety control safely activates the drive-integrated safety feature via CIP Safety on sercos. Programming is intuitive and uses a graphical editor; users comfortably verify the functional safety using the integrated offline simulation tool.

SafeMotion: drive-integrated safety technology

For low-complexity applications, design engineers can very easily achieve standard-conforming safety with the new generation of drive-integrated safety features. SafeMotion is available for all Rexroth IndraDrive series in the entire performance spectrum from 0.1 kW to 630 kW. The safe motion functions are suitable for requirements up to Cat 4 with PL e (ISO 13849) and SIL 3 (IEC 62061). SafeMotion monitors up to 16 safe and certified motion functions, such as safely limited speed, direction of rotation, and position. New logic elements, such as for monitoring the safety door, reduce the risk of manipulation. Without superordinate control, OEMs can easily combine up to 25 drives into one safety zone using CIP Safety on sercos and directly connect the safe peripherals.

In addition to the scalable range of solutions offered, Rexroth security specialists also support OEMs and users with a wide range of training programs and services. They help implement standard-compliant safety requirements including risk assessment, installation and commissioning or machine conformity evaluations.



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