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Freedom from lubrication in a miniature format

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igus presents several additions of the Drylin T family. One of which is a slide with adjustable bearing clearance for the size 12 and a completely new size 07, that is now the smallest version of the Drylin T linear technology construction kit.

With the same dimensions as most of the other ball bearing guided linear systems, Drylin T miniature guide systems are suitable for applications with little available space and where lubricants and noises from ball-bearing alternatives are undesired. Like any other Drylin T versions, the new components are based on the proven combination of a hard-anodized aluminium guide rail, a slide made of zinc die casting and gliding elements made of high performance polymers.

The clearing balance can be steplessly adjusted

The new miniature slide can be ordered alternatively to the standard slides of the size Drylin TW-04-12. The bearing clearance can be steplessly adjusted with a few turns of a screwdriver. With it, users have now the possibility to solve their linear positioning and transport requirements cheaply and at the same time precisely. A KTL coating protects the zinc die casting miniature slide additionally against corrosion, so the adjustability of the clearance is guaranteed even after longer operation in a harsh environment. The pre-tension, which can be caused by the adjustable clearance, is an additional benefit for cases, where loads shall not be fully and freely moveable.

The smallest size: Drylin TK-04-07

The new size 07 offers maximum space saving with a size of 8 mm and 17 mm slide width. Especially when the available space is limited, Drylin TK-04-07 offers users the advantages of lubrication-free linear technology also in a small-scale.

Ideal for measurement and medicine technology

Drylin T miniature guides are appropriate for space saving applications in the field of measurement and medicine technology, laboratory devices and also camera or safety technology.

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