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VIPA SPEED7 Studio: Completely detached

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For the first time at the SPS/IPC/Drives VIPA GmbH presents its own development tool for hardware configuration of its product portfolios from I/O modules through controllers right up to visualization.

VIPA provides with the SPEED7 Studio an engineering tool that displays the entire automation process from the hardware configuration, communication and programming up to visualization and this with emphasis on user-friendliness and efficiency. Intuitive user interfaces allow immediate entry into the various modules – so additional tools of other suppliers for hardware configuration, for networking of different fieldbuses and the programming or the visualization and operating of the plant are not necessary.

Up-to-date Technology

The SPEED7 Studio is an engineering framework which was developed with the latest technology. Most modern development procedures and tools such as .net 4.0 for example and vector based UI visualization with Windows® Presentation Foundation were used. Hardware configuration, networking, programming and visualization use a central data base, based on SQL server that enables the application of multiuser projects and version management.

„Precisely SPEED7 technology increasingly shows that the features, which characterize this class of PLC control systems, could only be used in a limited or very cumbersome way with the existing software tools. Think of SPEED bus for very fast communication with the corresponding I/Os and CPs”, CEO and founder Wolfgang Seel said.

Simplified configuration via Drag & Drop

Using Drag & Drop, it is possible to configure VIPA controllers directly which include, for example, SPEED bus, EtherCAT or PROFINET and all SPEED7 CPUs, CPs or SLIO I/Os including all VIPA specific parameters where all corresponding variables are created within the CPU. So with the VIPA tool no fieldbus specific knowledge is required for the configuration of the networking via PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT and standard Ethernet. Rather, various devices of SPEED7 Studio templates are available that are used to configure the network graphically. Additionally, the users have the possibility of creating web based visualizations. For that a SVG graphic editor is available to create the single pages. Pre-made elements of a library make the design very easy. The central data storage in SPEED7 Studio enables an trouble free access to all variables of the controller.

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