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TwinSAFE Controller integrates safety functions in a compact housing

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The new EK1960 TwinSAFE Controller integrates a complete safety controller including numerous I/O channels in a compact design. It combines an EtherCAT Coupler, TwinSAFE PLC, 20 digital inputs and 10 digital outputs. Primarily designed for applications with a small and medium scope of safety, the EK1960 can be used as an autonomous controller or as a decentralised controller. Further EtherCAT Terminals (for safety as well as standard versions) can be added flexibly via the integrated E-bus interface.

Although it measures only 122 x 101 mm, the housing of the EK1960 TwinSAFE Compact Controller contains all the functions required to realise small and medium safety solutions efficiently and at low channel costs. The I/O portion of the EK1960 consists of 20 safe digital inputs (24V DC) and 10 safe digital outputs (8 x 24V DC, 2 x potential-free contacts). The TwinSAFE Compact Controller is programmed via the TwinCAT Safety Editor just like other TwinSAFE components. The EK1960 can establish up to 32 connections to other TwinSAFE devices.

For flexible adaptation to different safety tasks, the EK1960 can be extended by further TwinSAFE I/O and drive components via the TwinSAFE protocol, which is transmitted via the standard EtherCAT network over standard Ethernet cables.

The EK1960 is suitable for applications up to SIL 3 according to IEC 61508 and DIN EN ISO 13849 PLe.

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