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In time for the SPS 2012, STÖBER expands its modular system technology for drive and automation with its own motion control solution based on the universal programming and controlling software, CODESYS V3

The new equipment generation 6 begins with the motion controller MC6 and the drive controllers SD6 in sizes 0, 1 and 2 for currents rated from 3 to 20 A. Based on the combination of the two newly developed devices, the drive controller will be operated in controller based mode (CBM).

This drive controller features a 32 bit processor which reads the data from an EnDat 2.2 encoder with the highest precision and speed. Approximately 33 million positions per motor revolution can be determined by using this decoder. Because all servo driven motors of STÖBERs EZ series can be supplied with this feedback unit (EnDat 2.2), the drive controller SD6 provides the basis for the highest demands on position accuracy. The usual reference runs therefore become superfluous.

Just as innovative is the super compact high performance Motion Controller MC6, which is available as a control cabinet PC or as a touch screen panel. Dependent on the required controlling architecture, this industrial PC can be used either as a pure motion controller or as an impeccable SPS, each with CODESYS programming.

With its new product line, STÖBER has succeeded in the total fusion of drive controlling with drive technology in a comprehensive modular software and hardware system. These synergy potentials offer new optimising opportunities for automation and robotic applications. In future, applications with highly complex, rapid movement sequences can be realised extremely quickly with high precision and without any limitation on reliability.

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