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KUKA Robot at Magna Spiegelsystem, everything revolves around mirrors

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At the automotive supplier Magna Spiegelsysteme GmbH, everything revolves around mirrors. Located in Assamstadt in the north of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, the company produces interior and exterior mirrors for the premium manufacturers of the German automotive industry. An impressive total of 14 million plastic parts leave the plant every year. The complex removal process for the high-quality plastic mirror.

For the complex demolding process, the customer requires a solution that can handle the complicated constellation of tasks following injection molding of a mirror housing: removal, weighing, cutting and packaging.

Implementation / Solution

The KUKA “Speed” robot KR 60-4KS, equipped with a removal gripper from KUKA system partner SAR, demolds the mirror housing, moves it out of the machine area, cuts off the various sprues and sets the mirror housings down in pairs on the scales. After the weight check, defective parts are separated out straight away. If the product passes the quality check, it is immediately packed in a box by the KUKA robot. Where necessary, the KR 60-4KS inserts a slipsheet to protect the high-quality mirror housings during transportation.

System components / Scope of supply

Shelf-mounted robots of type KR 60-4KS and variants from the KUKA product range were used, with their optimized reach, weight and acceleration

Results / Success

The space-saving automation solution provides more degrees of freedom than conventional handling equipment. Online monitoring, 100% weighing check, and the possibility of implementing any reworking of the parts within the creation process itself – all this is accomplished by the KUKA robots in a minimum of space.


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