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Lenze gets frequency inverters ready for the world of Ethernet/IP

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Lenze has now established direct connection of the Inverter Drives 8400 frequency inverter range to Ethernet/IP-capable control systems with a new communication module. The 8400 StateLine, HighLine and TopLine control cabinet devices, as well as the 8400 motec and 8400 protec decentralised frequency inverters can be equipped with this fieldbus interface. With their dual-port technology and external 24V supply to back up the communication at mains failure, the Ethernet/IP modules ensure a simple commissioning process and a fast service.

The new sequence control for positioning procedures represents yet another highlight of the device range. With the sequence control (sequencer) included in the 8400 TopLine, up to 100 actions for automatic execution of positioning can be parameterised directly in the inverter. This integration lightens the load on the PLC, as the frequency inverters are capable of executing approaches to consecutive positions independently, quickly and precisely. The 8400 TopLine can also perform the same kind of flexible positioning control that typically needs to be programmed in a PLC. This for example includes actions such as waiting times, counters or branches, which can be influenced using external sensor technology or the inverter’s internal signals.

Another new feature is the integrated oscilloscope function, which simplifies commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting. The signal scanning and recording within the drive can be performed in as little as just 1 ms. The convenient display and further processing of the measured data is performed using the «L-force Engineer» PC software tool. The oscilloscope presents the recorded signals with an adjustable time base from 5 ms to 1s simultaneously for up to eight channels. Pre-triggers and post-triggers allow users to hone in on the desired measured data.


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