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Device EPLAN macros by Festo speed up engineering

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The partners Festo and Eplan are each pushing forwards with the aim of connecting the worlds of configuration in electrical and pneumatic engineering. A data package developed by Festo specially for EPlan users with over 2000 smart devices macros now gives extra strength to the mechatronic orbit of the CPX terminal. Users of the EPLAN Platform can use this to simply and easily create overview drawings, electrical and pneumatic circuit diagrams, and PLC overviews.

The new exclusive macro collection of over 2000 device macros for valve terminals with Festo’s CPX electric terminal brings together configurations in electrical and fluid project engineering. The device data is available in six languages and comprises intelligent module configurations that already contain their electrical and fluid engineering connection logic, including function templates. The final type code of the configured Festo valve terminal is the link. It comprises two ID codes, one for the electrical and one for the pneumatic section. The designer can use this ID code to select the most appropriate of the predefined device modules and place it by Drag & Drop into the electrical or fluid engineering documentation. Users of Eplan Electric P8 and Eplan Fluid can use this to simply and quickly easily create 2D overview drawings, electrical and pneumatic circuit diagrams and PLC overviews. The data can be downloaded from Festo’s website at no charge (

Versatile for any field of application

The benefits of guided configuration using Festo’s tools are combined with logic-based documentation in EPLAN. Thanks to an individual combination of different functions, the valve terminal’s configuration can be matched to the application precisely – wide ranges of application are guaranteed. The Festo CPX terminal is perfect here: electrical and open to all current field bus standards and all customer-specific installation standards. Customers benefit from ease of handling: out of the control cabinet into the plant, and network electrics and pneumatics, saving installation effort.

Free download

The macros, available for all CPX terminals (electrical peripheral equipment and field bus nodes) and some MPA valve terminals, contain the following functions and can be used as parts master data in the creation of the parts lists:

• Structural overview with individual module feeds and ordering code

• Circuit diagrams in all-pole representation, terminal diagram and PLC overview

• Overview of control cabinet with type codes and in a scale of 1:1

The data is available for download at no charge as a complete package from and can also be downloaded from the Festo online product catalogue under 2D/3D CAD. Availability through the EPlan Data Portal is also in preparation.

Common target: user benefit

For some years, Festo and EPlan have worked together to develop solutions with the aim of making engineering easier for their common customers. For instance, Festo’s mechatronic components can be designed and documented simply thanks to the direct connection between EPlan Fluid and Festo’s product catalogue. In addition, the subsidiary Festo Didactic has been distributing the Eplan Education software for industrial foundation and further training for some years.

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