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M+R offers tours of five world class processing plants

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In 2013 M+R is launching a significantly expanded trade show programme. BASF Antwerp, the TOTAL refinery Antwerp, the Electrabel nuclear power plant in Doel, the Moortgat-Duvel Brewery and the training centre ACTA will each host a plant tour during the show. These technically-focused company tours will be combined with technical training onsite at the trade show and visiting the M+R exhibitors.

Full day programme including company visit

The visitors to M+R who opt for the day programme will have the unique opportunity to take a technical tour  through one of five leading companies in the processing industry: BASF Antwerp, the TOTAL refinery Antwerp,  the Electrabel nuclear power plant in Doel, the Moortgat-Duvel Brewery and the training centre ACTA. In  addition to the plant tour, the schedule will also include a brief technical information session, a lunch break and  of course, a visit to the exhibitors’ stands. The day programme is open to a limited number of visitors. Visitors  may register from December onwards via the M+R website.

The topics for the info sessions were chosen by the visitors themselves

In response to a recent market survey*, the seminar programme for M+R will be based on the visitors’ current  requirements and information needs. Seminars will be given according to level of expertise: basic or advanced.  The survey resulted in the following top-10 topics:

• ATEX in a process environment
• Flow Measurements
• Safety Integrity Level (SIL)
• Status update on protocols
• Level Measurements
• The basis and trends of measurement principles
• Automation of the measurement points
• Diagnosis Techniques for better preventive  maintenance
• Basic concepts of physics and current measurement  and control techniques
• Measurement Instruments Directive (MID)

Practical information

F Antwerpen is a one day trade show for measurement and control instrumentation in the processing  industry. This regional niche exhibition provides a diverse, current and complete overview of all products,  technologies and innovations for measuring and controlling temperature, flow, pressure, viscosity, liquid level  … For the first time, M+R will be co-located with SOLIDS, the trade show for solutions for the storage,  processing, handling and logistics of bulk goods. Visitors will be able to visit both shows with a single  registration.

M+R Antwerpen takes place on Thursday, 28 March 2013 in Antwerp expo, from 10:00 until 18:00. The next  edition of M+R will take place in Ghent on Thursday, 24 October 2013

[info] http://www.easyfairs.com/events_216/m-r-antwerp2013_30574/m-r-antwerp-2013_30575/ [/info]


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