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Eaton XC152 PLC: Cost Efficient Integration in Modular Machine Building

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Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation is launching a new XC152 compact PLC which supports intelligent and modular automation concepts with local PLCs and various communication interfaces such as SmartWire-DT, CANopen, RS232, RS485 or Profibus and Ethernet.

As a cost-effective solution, the new compactly designed XC152 covers all high performance PLC applications with a need for interface flexibility. The XC152 runs on the Windows CE 5 operating system. The CPU is implemented with a 32-bit 400 MHz RISC processor. In addition to a 64 MB internal memory (OS, program, data), an SD slot is also provided for external storage. A Run Stop switch, an Ethernet interface and a USB Host are also provided onboard. The PLC is shipped from the factory with either a CANopen (master/slave) or Profibus (DP/MPI master) interface, and an optional SmartWire-DT master device is also available. The compact PLC with WEB / remote server features an RS232 and/or RS485 interface depending on the communication interface variant. The following variants are available on request: XC-152-E3-11 SmartWire-DT, RS232; XC-152-E6-11 SmartWire-DT, CAN, RS485; XC-152-E8-11 SmartWire-DT, DP, RS485; XC-152-D6-11 CAN, RS485, RS232 and XC-152-D8-11 DP, RS485, RS232.

Users from the modular machine building sector with standard automation solutions will appreciate the XC152 PLC on account of its high performance (with the CoDeSys-based xSoft-Codesys-2 programming system 2, programmable as a PLC in accordance with IEC61131-3), its compact design (100mm x 155mm x 40mm HxBxT) and its wide range of communication options. SmartWire-DT particularly supports Eaton’s Lean Automation concept which offers several significant benefits in line with the Lean Solutions strategy. With SmartWire-DT the I/O level is integrated directly in the switching devices. This therefore enables the PLC to access the digital and analog data directly from the control circuit device right through to the circuit-breaker. Gateways and I/O level are no longer needed. This allows you to create flexible, streamlined automation solutions with fewer components and little engineering outlay. Eaton calls this concept Lean Automation, which offers you the freedom you need for creative and economical solutions. As an alternative to a combined HMI/PLC, cost efficient modular solutions today use a high-performance PLC like the XC152 together with an external HMI. This solution is future proof as any application extensions and/or modifications can be implemented more easily and more flexibly. The Ethernet terminal allows direct access, visualization and data transparency – for which users can use either the WEB visualization on the XC152 or the remote server. Thanks to the platform concept, successful solutions and existing know-how can always be recycled several times over.

The core principle of Eaton’s Lean Solutions strategy is to identify work processes in machine and panel building in order to eliminate waste and fully leverage optimization potential for customers. Waste can apply to several areas such as long routes, waiting times, overproduction, faults, as well as complicated processes and unused potential.

Eaton’s Lean Solutions strategy consists of three areas: Lean Connectivity, Lean Automation and Lean Power. Lean Connectivity eliminates the complex and error-prone point-to-point wiring in the control cabinet and in the periphery. The SmartWire-DT connection and communication technology thus uses a single “green” standard cable connection to replace the individual wiring of switching devices, sensors and actuators to the central controller. This makes it possible to reduce the effort required for wiring, testing and commissioning in many switchgear systems by up to 85 percent. SmartWire-DT also facilitates the efficient, intelligent and careful use of resources.

Lean Automation eliminates the need for entire device layers such as the I/O modules of a central PLC, as well as the associated acquisition and maintenance costs. The “green” cable is not only used here for the power supply to all components but also to implement the data communication. In this way all stations on the system are communication-enabled. Thanks to this decentralized intelligence, lean automation solutions can be created in combination with Eaton’s HMI/PLCs, which incorporate all control, visualization and data management tasks in a single device.

Lean Power targets the use of energy efficient components and standardized control wiring. The energy efficiency of a machine or plant is also increased – thanks to the inherent data transparency provided by SmartWire-DT: All the relevant current and energy consumption data, from the PLC to the sensor / actuator, is made available for simple analysis and effective optimization.

Eaton’s electrical business is a global leader in power distribution, power quality, control and automation, power monitoring, and energy management products and services. Eaton is positioned through its global electrical product series, to answer today’s most critical electrical power management challenges.



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