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ABB’s new IE4 synchronous reluctance motor and drive packages deliver ultra-high efficiency and reliability

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Providing unrivalled efficiency and reliability, ABB’s IE4 synchronous reluctance motor and drive packages are an excellent choice for pump and fan applications. The new packages are available now in the power range 11 – 315 kW.

ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, is launching super premium efficiency IE4 versions of its award-winning synchronous reluctance motor (SynRM) and drive packages.

Synchronous reluctance motors feature an innovative rotor combined with a conventional stator. The rotor has no windings – unlike traditional synchronous designs – meaning that rotor power losses are virtually eliminated. This not only boosts efficiency but also ensures that the rotor runs cool, keeping the bearing temperature low and significantly increasing bearing reliability.

With its advanced rotor technology, a magnet-free SynRM motor delivers the performance of a permanent magnet motor but is as easy to service and cost-efficient as an induction motor. ABB’s IE4 SynRM motors follow the same size/output combinations as induction motors, making it easy to replace an existing motor with a higher efficiency SynRM product. As a result users can upgrade their system efficiency without the need for costly mechanical modifications.

SynRM motors are packaged with a matched ACS850 industrial drive loaded with dedicated software. ABB is the first manufacturer in the field to provide verified efficiency curves for the entire motor-drive package and covering the whole speed range. Users can therefore accurately calculate the energy consumption of their equipment – something that has been impossible before because efficiency data has been available for motors only, and only for a limited number of load points. This will enable users to cut their energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, and optimize their cost of ownership.

When ABB first announced SynRM technology in 2011 it immediately won the prestigious Automation Award at Germany’s SPS/IPC/DRIVES trade show. At the same time ABB launched High Output SynRM motor-drive packages, and these are now being complemented by the introduction of the IE4 range. A full range of pre-selected packages is available – optimized for pump and fan applications – in the power range 11 – 315 kW. All offer smooth, efficient process control, and optimal energy use.

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