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DT35 distance sensors demonstrate precision in use

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The versatile DT35 further increases the world’s largest portfolio of distance sensors. The compact exterior and reliable interior of the new product series for mid-range distances are impressive. The DT35 consistently provides precise measurement values on the most varied of object surfaces and colors – thanks to its unique HDDM™ technology. In combination with the remarkably small housings and small blind zone this makes the DT35 the first choice for applications where space is limited and ranges of up to 12 meters are required.

Thanks to SICK’s coded, static time-of-flight process neither ambient light, electromagnetic interference, nor mutual influences when using several sensors cause any problems. Combined with excellent measurement capability on the most varied of colors right up to dark glossy materials, the DT35 thus offers maximum reliability in every application. The distance sensors are therefore used in a wide variety of sectors, not least because of their excellent price/performance ratio.

Simple machine integration

The DT35 is easily integrated in the most varied of machine environments thanks to its small size, variety of interfaces, and flexible adjustability. In addition to simple teach-in via the user interface on the device, the distance sensors can also be parameterized via a multifunctional input or IO Link. This makes adjusting the sensors child’s play for every customer, regardless of whether they use switching outputs, an analog output, or process data output via IO Link.

Wide range of uses

As a result of its versatility, the DT35 is the ideal solution for the most varied of applications. Regardless of whether rapid response times, maximum precision or optimum measurement capability is of special importance in the application – the DT35 offers the ideal speed adjustment to meet the requirements perfectly.

The DT35 is thus appropriate for applications in the automotive industry, in handling and warehousing systems, and in the paper and pulp industry, among others. In addition to positioning tasks, the mid-range distance sensors are also often used for demanding detection tasks. Concrete application examples include inspecting occupancy in automatic storage systems, preventing collisions between shuttles or AGVs, and measuring the diameters of steel, material or paper coils.

Those seeking a universally applicable distance sensor would be best advised to choose the DT35 from SICK.



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