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New CKL Compact Module with linear motor delivers high force density in compact package

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Part of the complete Rexroth CKx family of compact linear motion modules, the CKLintegrates an ironless linear direct drive motor with a Ball Rail® system for precise positioning and zero backlash. The compact, powerful and versatile CKL linear module with ironless linear motor offers a unique linear motion solution for applications where high dynamics and excellent positioning accuracy are required.

The new CKL Compact Module supports high load ratings and high rigidity; by integrating the ironless linear motor into the module, no mechanical drive elements are required to execute movement, making for a wear-free and zero-backlash drive that enables ultra-precise positioning and long service life.

A key part of Rexroth’s complete family of high-performance linear modules, it provides an excellent option for packaging and processing applications such as pick-and-place handling systems, feed units, loaders and palletizers.

It has been designed for easy configuration and installation, with pre-configured connections for power, measuring systems and hall sensor adaptors, as well as clamping fixtures with centering rings designed to fit easily with other Rexroth linear modules and aluminum structural framing that are part of Rexroth’s EasyHandling Solutions.

The CKL Compact Module features:

1. Available in a variety of pre-configured lengths up to 5500 mm

2. Travel velocities up to 5 meters/second

3. Acceleration up to 150 meters/second

4. High load ratings and high rigidity

5. Perfect tracking, high positioning and repetition accuracy

6. Contactless drive — no moving parts

7. Low maintenance costs due to wear-free motor and central relubrication options

The CKL Compact Module is offered in multiple size and linear motor configurations, and is available as a complete package, including drive controller and control system and accessories such as digital or analog measuring systems, switches, sensors, power cabling trays and attachments.

By integrating an ironless linear motor with no moving parts into the CKLmodule, Bosch Rexroth‘s new module offers outstanding reliability and lower maintenance requirements. Combined with the proven smooth, precise performance of the Rexroth linear rails and runner blocks the system uses, OEMs and system integrators can anticipate maximum uptime and long operational service.

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