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Siemens adds Profibus module to new Simatic controller

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The Simatic CM 1542-5 communication module from the Siemens Industry Automation Division isexpanding its Simatic S7-1500 controller to include a Profibus connection. The module adds a 9-pin Sub-D socket connector to versions of the S7-1500 which have no integrated interface,allowing communication with lower-level Profibus devices in bandwidths from 9.6 kBit/s to 12MBit/s.

The module can also be used to implement separate Profibus lines, in other words, tocontrol a number of different field devices via a number of Profibus segments. The Simatic CM1542-5 assumes all communication tasks in the process, thus reducing the load on the controller’sCPU. All functions are configured via the TIA Portal Version 12. Diagnostics information can beviewed on the front display of the connected Simatic S7-1500 via the TIA Portal or via thecontroller’s webserver.

The new communication module can be used as a time master or time slave for synchronizing thetime of day within the plant. When used as a time master, the module forwards the time specifiedby the controller to the connected peripheral devices via Profibus. When used as a time slave, itreceives time-of-day frames from the network and forwards them as the valid time for the S7-1500station.

Simatic CM 1542-5 is suitable for S7 communication as well as for conventional Profibuscommunication. This makes it possible to establish communication between the S7-1500 controllerand other devices, for example those from the Simatic-S7-300/400 range.

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