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Torque motors with an extended speed range for extruders

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aumüller, a Nuremberg specialist in drive and automation solutions, has extended the speed range of motors of the DST2 series with integrated pressure bearings from 300 min-1 to 600 min-1. By using the new motors, manufacturers of single-screw extruders will be able to obtain a far more flexible machine layout in future: With the same power rating, customers can now choose between a rapid extruder with a smaller screw diameter or an extruder with a smaller motor. Alternatively, the same motor size can be used at a higher speed to increase performance and productivity, i.e. the extruder throughput.

The higher speed in the pressure bearing also increases the heat input into the system, which means that less heat for melting the granulates needs to be imported. In this way operators can save on energy costs.

The user can also benefit from a screw release function in combination with the Baumüller servo controllers b maXX 4000 and b maXX 5000: A gentle torque reduction process ensures that the load on the screw is not suddenly released, thus preventing damage to the screw heads. In the same way, encoderless operation of the speed controls is possible by using b maXX 4000 and b maXX 5000 controllers.

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