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Siemens cabling system connects Simatic S7-1500 with sensors and actuators

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The Siemens Industry Automation Division offers the Simatic Top connect cabling system for fastand reliable wiring of Simatic S7-1500 input/output modules. Two versions of the system areavailable: first, a fully modular version for the fast and clearly arranged wiring of field sensors andactuators and, second, a flexible version for simple wiring inside the control cabinet.

Users canquickly select and order the required version with the TIA selection tool on the Siemens website.The fully modular connection consists of modified front connectors, so-called front connectormodules, for connection to Simatic S7-1500 I/O modules, preassembled connecting cables ofvarious lengths, and connection modules. The right components can be selected for theapplication in question and joined by means of simple plug-in connections. The connectionmodules are used instead of conventional terminal blocks and act as the interface to sensors andactuators. Besides the versions with screws or clamps, there are also versions with LED signalingand signal conditioning, for example from 230 V to DC 24 V.

The flexible connection of the cabling system consists of a S7-1500 front connector which has theindividual wires already in place and which directly connects the SIMATIC with the sensors andactuators inside the control cabinet. With a cross-section of 0.5 square mm, the individual wires arealso suitable for higher currents and are available in different lengths and versions: as H05V-Ksingle wires (PVC insulation), H05Z-K (halogen-free insulation) or with UL/CSA certified singlewires. The TIA selection tool supports the simple selection of system cabling. The tool offers theappropriate components in the fully modular and flexible versions for selected I/O modules; thesewill be directly included in the order list.

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