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AKD Servo BASIC: Less hardware, lower installation costs, higher performance

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Kollmorgen offers a new Ethernet-based high-performance servo drive with integrated motion control for programming drive and PLC functions. In many cases the BASIC AKD servo drives allow machine builders to forego the need for an external PLC with its associated wiring and interface programming. This allows them to save time, minimize space and reduce installation costs. In combination with the simple programming, using structured text and an integrated program editor with diagnostic functions, small applications can be realized very easily and quickly.

Like all AKD models, the compact and full-featured BASIC AKD drives combine superior performance with extremely high flexibility, excellent scalability and the dynamic characteristics that are essential to meet the needs of many applications. Multiple communication options and performance classes are available so that customers can specify the optimal feature combinations that best suits their individual control system requirements.

The integrated AKD BASIC servo drive and control allows users to implement a wide range of applications without additional hardware and to increase the throughput in single-axis applications. The software functions ensure fast program execution – a key factor for the combination of motion and machine control – with fast process routines that can be implemented with cycle times of just 250 microseconds. A faster time-to-market is also facilitated by the easy-to-learn programming language that enables straightforward program control flow and accelerates project code generation. A source code lockout function helps AKD BASIC users to protect their machine designs and IP functionality, and so preserve their competitive advantage.

The innovative programming and the program editor are integrated in Kollmorgen’s Workbench software package. In addition to the motion and machine control programming, the Workbench is also used to take care of the drive setup, configuration, tuning and management tasks.

Jörg Peters, Director of Product Management at Kollmorgen remarks, «The AKD BASIC is another example of an innovative two-in-one solution, and what we mean by our motto ‘Think Forward’. We have developed a sleek, advanced servo drive solution with an integrated controller, which in many cases makes an additional PLC unnecessary and helps save space, time and costs. At the same time, we made sure to make the operation of the drive is as simple as possible to minimize commissioning time. Our customers will ultimately have a one-piece solution that makes their lives significantly easier and provides them with a clear advantage over the competition.»

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