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Delta Industrial Automation’s Innovative Solutions in the Spotlight at the China International Industry Fair

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Delta Industrial Automation participated in the China International Industry Fair (CIIF) 2012 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre from November 6th~10th with an impressive presentation of its highly efficient and reliable solutions. Delta’s eye-catching exhibit featured a variety of innovative products and exciting interactive activities that drew the attention of government officials, industry professionals and the press, making Delta Industrial Automation one of the most popular brands at the fair. Delta also launched its brand campaign “Smarter. Greener. Together.” in China, which received acclaim from many automation industry professionals. With this year’s impressive showing at the fair, Delta once again demonstrated that it is a leading brand in the field of industrial automation that is making a positive impact on industrial automation development in Greater China.

Collaboration of Elite Teams

Delta Industrial Automation’s success at the fair is due to the great dedication and cooperation of its teams in China and Taiwan. The joint efforts of its professional teams made Delta Industrial Automation one of the most popular attractions at CIIF.

Founder and Honorary Chairman Mr. Bruce Cheng led Delta’s top management team to the fair, and not only attended many press conferences, technology forums, and media interviews but also introduced demonstrated Delta’s products and innovative technologies to the press. The appearance of the renowned Mr. Cheng drew the attention of the crowd. With top management’s presence and greetings at the fair, visitors were encouraged to gain in-depth knowledge of Delta’s products, while the whole Delta team enthusiastically and effectively delivered Delta’s brand value of “Smarter. Greener. Together.” to all visitors.

Attention-Getting Solutions, Impressive Innovation

Not only was Delta Industrial Automation’s booth the largest among the more than 500 exhibitors at the fair, more importantly, Delta demonstrated integrated energy saving solutions in Energy Management and Industrial Automation fields. Delta also presented and interpreted future trends and forward-looking technologies that deeply impressed the guests.

At CIIF, Delta Industrial Automation presented three innovative total solutions: The first was an industrial automation solution with various network communications. This solution was mainly featured in various applications in factory automation, building automation and process automation with Delta’s midrange programmable logic controller AH500 Series and Industrial Ethernet products. Second was Delta’s motion control solution featuring a gantry control solution and a Human Machine Interface TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) solution. The third was a total energy saving solution for enterprises. With a digital Factory Energy Management System (FEMS) and an actual case study as an example, Delta successfully demonstrated the latest energy-saving performance of the newly developed FEMS solution. In addition to the solutions presented, Delta also presented a high speed motion control system and a high speed optical machine vision inspection system at CIIF.

Delta received attention and visits from industry experts, government officials, and professional media with its outstanding solutions and high-spec presentations. More than a thousand guests stopped by the Delta booth to gain product information and discuss business opportunities.

Awards and On-Site Events Attract Visitors

At the event, Delta Industrial Automation’s displays attracted more guests than expected. To enhance visitors’ understanding of its latest technology, Delta held several on-site events, including conferences, technology forums, media interviews, live-streaming video reports and experts’ discussions.

To share Delta’s latest technology and innovation with the world, Delta held an international press conference. Delta’s Founder and Honorary Chairman Mr. Bruce Cheng, Chairman Mr. Yancey Hai, and Delta Greentech’s General Manager Dr. Donald Yu elaborated on Delta’s future strategy to more than 70 well-known media at the conference. Mr. Simon Chang, the General Manager of Delta’s Industrial Automation Business Unit (IABU), also gave in-depth information on displayed products, future development trends and strategies to present Delta Industrial Automation’s innovative solutions and integrated automation systems to the media. In addition, several IABU product and sales managers elaborated on product lines and sales strategies in discussions during the media interviews.

The conference attracted many renowned publications and online media, such as Inverter World, Automation Today, Automation Panorama, Control & Drive, and HC International Inc. published or posted firsthand information on Delta’s booth, displayed products, activities and management teams’ interviews at the fair via magazines, the Internet and live-streaming videos. This provided excellent exposure for Delta to the Chinese market.

Delta’s Power Management Solutions forum focused on technical aspects and products introduction. Delta’s professional product teams introduced the Active Power Filter APF2000 Series and Static Var Generator SVG 2000 Series for power quality improvement and shared successful field applications used in transportation, electricity, metallurgy and urban planning. More than 80 guests from design schools, colleges and the system integration field joined this forum and had valuable discussions with Delta’s product teams, making the forum a huge success.

Delta became one of the most noticed companies at the fair because of its activities and advertising, as well as its excellent service and products awarded. Delta received award recognition from several prestigious organizations, including the “2012 Annual Industry Excellent Brand” from the Chinese Association of Automation, and the “2012 China Industry Automation Service Award” from the China Instrument Manufacturers Association for Delta Greentech’s product service. For Delta Industrial Automation products, the AC motor drive CT2000 Series and the midrange programmable logic controller AH500 Series were named as “Best Product” by Control Engineering, and the CNC Controller NC300 Series received the “2012 Annual Most Popular Award” from the Chinese Association of Automation. Delta was also recommended as a “Top 10 Brands for Inverters” by designer selection. With all the honors received, Delta demonstrated it is a trusted brand in the industry after years of dedication in providing outstanding advanced products.

With this year’s CIIF, Delta Industrial Automation gained the trust and support of customers globally and demonstrated its capability to provide innovative solutions to the world.

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