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New 80kg handling robot YS-080G3

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Panasonic Robot and Welding Systems Europe presents with the new YS-080G3 robot its third handling robot. Along with the HS-165G3 and HS-200G3 the YS-080G3 is rounding out the handling robot series of Panasonic. Offering payload capacities of 80 kg and a maximum working range of 2.24 m. Its application is the handling of tools, work pieces and welding equipment.

Used in combination with a Panasonic welding robot, the movements of both robots can be fully synchronized using the “Harmonizer Function”. This feature ensures the relative welding torch position to the work piece is maintained automatically. The programming of the weld position becomes as easy as working with a fixed work piece, ensuring that out-of-position welding can be avoided.

The new YS-080G3 robot allows both loading and unloading work pieces automatically, helping the realisation of both faster and improved cost-effective production. In addition the innovative G3 controller offers a cooperative function with the Panasonic welding robots of the TA/ TB G3 series.

From now on Panasonic is offering its costumers with the YS-080G3, HS-165G3 and HS-200G3 three types of handling robots with payload capacities from 80 – 200 kg.

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