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Modern multi-finger machine control

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he new Ventura touch panel series by KUHNKE offers maximum flexibility, modern and exceptionally compact design as well as a state of the art operating concept – single- or multi-touch function. All new devices have LED backlight and thus an extremely long life cycle. The new LED display generation provides various benefits for single-touch applications like optimized cost-performance ratio with savings of more than 25% compared to standard devices.

The system features two functional principles for single-touch applications: the cost-effective device with resistive and the brand-new application optimized device with capacitive PCT touch-screen. The capacitive touch-screen model can be supplied in a vandal proof version – so even accidental operation with a metal glove won’t harm the display. The touch surface is either made of a metal oxide coated glass substrate or hardened acrylic. The entire front of the Ventura touch display has IP65 protection and is especially easy to clean thanks to its borderless surface.

The latest advantage the KUHNKE displays offer innovative machine manufacturers is multi-touch operation. With this new feature KUHNKE multi-touch display provides functions known from the smartphone and touchpad world like browsing, zooming, rotating objects, flicks etc. for industrial applications. You can operate the display even with work gloves (e.g. latex gloves). Five finger touch as well as two handed operation is possible. Of course the Windows® operating system lets you select single-touch too for applications not requiring multi-touch operation.

Due its compact design and optimized operating interface the entire series not only impresses with its elegance but is also extremely user friendly. The new line of KUHNKE touch displays can be mounted in switching cabinets as well as onto support arms. It features a comprehensive range of display sizes and resolutions. Custom-designed front sheets, add-on keys or RFID further add to the extraordinary flexibility of this new single and multi-touch line.

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