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Long-Term Savings – New 3-Phase Power Measurement Modules Help Reduce Energy Costs

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No matter whether it is for plant automation, building automation or process automation: WAGO’s new 3-phase power measurement modules permit energy consumption measurement, harmonic analysis and N-conductor measurement for comprehensive network analysis – with fieldbus connection.

With the 750-493 3-Phase Power Measurement Module, WAGO has grown to become one of the major players in energy savings projects. We will be continuing to systematically pursue the strategy: Both 750-494 and 750-495 3-Phase Power Measurement Modules not only precisely measure energy consumption values of machines and systems, they also permit comprehensive network analysis via fieldbus, while providing the basis for an efficient energy management.

For each phase of a three-phase supply network, WAGO’s power measurement modules calculate the following energy and consumption data via rms values of current/voltage: Active energy/power/factor, phase position, reactive/apparent power, as well as rotary field detection, peak current and power factor. In supply networks, overlapping harmonic power oscillations may have a negative impact on connected loads. The 750-494 Module permits internal harmonic analysis up to the 40th harmonic.

The modules eventually offer added value through optional N-conductor measurement for insulation fault detection. Non-contacting current measurement via Rogowski coils allows WAGO’s power measurement modules to record values in existing or difficult-to-reach areas of your automation environment. Despite their compact design, voltages up to 690 VAC can be directly connected, as required for wind generators.

Intuitive and fast WAGO-I/O-CHECK software simplifies 3-phase power measurement module’s configuration for your projects. In addition to ready-made software modules for extensive measurements, you can also program your own modules via CODESYS programming environment. If required, you can easily display your consumption using the integrated Target Visualization via connected screen and/or the Web visualization on remote devices via Web browser.

All details in short:

  • just 12 mm wide (750-494)
  • just 24 mm wide (750-495)
  • 480 VAC 3~
  • 690 VAC 3~ (750-495)
  • 1 A
  • 5 A
  • Measuring current, voltage, active energy/power/factor and phase position
  • Additional functions: Reactive power/energy, apparent power/energy, rotary field detection, power factor, 4-quadrant operation, harmonic analysis (up to the 40th harmonic)
  • N-conductor measurement (750-495)

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