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Flexible operating concept: electromechanical buttons supplement multi-touch functionality

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The new generation of Beckhoff panels from the CP2xxx and CP3xxx series includes multi-touch displays as a major new feature with which operating options and comfort can be significantly increased. However using electromechanical buttons for key functions is still necessary or desired in many industrial applications, despite the many benefits provided by modern multi-touch technology. As with previous Panel series, Beckhoff supports this with numerous standard and custom designs: from integrated short-stroke or emergency stop buttons to RFID or USB interfaces. These hardware options are connected by direct wiring, USB or any common bus system such as EtherCAT, PROFIBUS or PROFINET. Safety-relevant functions can be integrated easily via the TwinSAFE or PROFIsafe protocol.

Beckhoff Control Panels and Panel PCs with optional push-button extensions enable the application-specific arrangement of electromechanical buttons, switches, indicator lamps, additional membrane keys and hand wheels directly on the operating unit. As a result, the efficient Control Panel can be adapted precisely to the needs of the machine controller with all necessary functions, so that more complex machine control panels can be rendered obsolete.

The standard buttons, switches and indicator lamps are connected to the controller via USB or, for increased functionality, via EtherCAT or other bus systems. Additionally, all buttons can be directly wired via a terminal strip using a second NO contact.

Beckhoff offers push-button extensions as standard options (C9900-G0xx) or alternatively also as customer-specific versions. The design is almost arbitrary here: from different button versions in terms of colour, membrane keys, switches, capacitive buttons, electromechanical buttons, short-stroke buttons, toggle or key switches to RFID or USB interfaces.

The multi-touch Panel series from Beckhoff offers maximum flexibility: different display sizes from 7 to 24 inch, horizontal or vertical orientation, 4:3 or widescreen format, built-in or mounting arm Panels as well as the DVI/USB Panel variants or complete Panel PCs with powerful integrated processors.

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