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Lenze FAST: More time for what really matters

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With its Application Template and ready-made standard software modules – called Lenze FAST – the specialist in Motion Centric Automation is supporting machine builders in efficiently creating modular control software. Indeed, programmers can use Lenze FAST to cover up to 80% of all their software engineering requirements for standardised machine modules both quickly and reliably. The programming is particularly efficient with the function and technology modules provided and tested by Lenze.

The bottom line is that the use of standardised and re-useable modules offers greater freedom for devising and testing special features of a machine – which then impress the end user and provide the decisive purchase incentives. Lenze’s «ApplicationTemplate», provides the necessary structures for standardising software and therefore allows users to create their own machine modules.

The significant reduction in software development time and costs that more and more companies are now demanding can be achieved in the field of engineering by using standard software. Experience has shown that 80% of the software for a new machine can be generated using code which was developed for previous generations or which can be provided in the form of ready-made technology modules from system partners like Lenze. However, for this to work, it must be possible to provide the software with the necessary structure. To simplify this step, Lenze has developed an Application Template that already provides important structures – such as error handling, statemachine for switching over machine states and communication interfaces – and thereby guarantees standardisation. The software modules created on the basis of the Application Template can then be put together like bricks with minimum effort, creating systems that are easier to understand and can be re-used with no issues. This speeds up the entire process, as Lenze provides a whole range of standard software modules for depicting the basic functions of a machine. These include for example modules used for feeding, unwinding, sealing, cross-sealing and discharging. The standard software modules from Lenze are tested and subject to continuous further development. The (re-)use of tested modules reduces costs and also allows errors to be reduced and important time to be freed up for implementation of machine features with which machine builders can offer their customers important benefits.

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