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Gefran presents GCube, new integrated automation systems with exceptional design flexibility

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GCube systems cut development times for applications and maintenance, reduce error risks, and optimise machine size by satisfying the customer’s specific demands for managing automation cells.

GCube platforms, integrating HMI, PLC and software, are scaled and offer a price/performance ratio that is extremely attentive to the manufacturer’s needs.

There are four versions: GCube Modula and GCube Advanced for managing advanced automation cells demanding high performance, plus the latest additions – GCube Compact for small/medium machines, and GCube Fit, ideal for custom needs.

In terms of scalability, GCube systems offer 3.5”, 6.5”, 7”, 10”, 12.1” and 15” screens in both horizontal and vertical versions. High performance is guaranteed by powerful processors such as ARM and different frequency x86 cores and by different size drives. All systems are real-time for excellent process control.

All GCube systems have an Ethernet port to facilitate data export and communication with high-level systems and USB ports to import/export data in situations where an Ethernet connection is physically impossible or not available.

In addition, the ability to connect automation cells in LAN is essential in modern automation systems, where productivity and centralised diagnostics are essential.

Two fieldbuses have been standardised: CanOpen (open and standard) and Gefran’s GDnet high-speed Ethernet. There are also data communication channels such as Modbus RTU and TCP.

As for software, GCube offers GF_Project, a single development environment that includes libraries of extremely intuitive technology functions for creating applications to record data, trends, alarm histories, PID temperature control, serial control, and data encryption. GCube can dialog with different automation cell products, such as sensors, drives, power units, PID temperature controllers, remote I/Os, and controllers. All these advantages are in a single catalogue, just a click away.


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