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LASAL: Smart Features Increase Usability

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The object-oriented engineering tool LASAL was expanded with smart functions, which provide even more efficiency when implementing machine applications:

– With the LASAL CLASS Variant Editor, project variants can be clearly managed and with a click, activated or deactivated as needed. This allows connections, initialization values and the I/O layout for example, to be changed quickly. Since a variant is an independent file, compiling is unnecessary. It must only be loaded into the control.

– The initial start-up and diagnosis of drive components is reduced with the new Motion Diagnostic View. Axes can be comfortably parametrized and started as well as commands sent quickly – even troubleshooting is simplified. The graphic representation provides additional comfort and clarity.

– With the new Modeless Version of the LASAL SCREEN Editordialogs are mostly unnecessary: the Editor is operated over tree and property browsers as in LASAL CLASS.

– The LASAL SAFETY Designer also offers a new feature: The Safety data of two independent Safety projects can be exchanged. An example: an injection molding machine and a handling robot, both with their own SIGMATEK standard and Safety control, are coupled and can exchange safety-relevant data over a VARAN Coupler Module (VBC). In our example, the injection molding machine can read the emergency stop signal from the robot.

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