Greater precision and smoother running by using the stepper motor controller MC1010 STEP1-SC6-CAN

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The new Berghof stepper motor controller, MC1010 STEP1-SC6-CAN, can now control a stepper motor at max. 4 A permanent load with a step resolution of 25,600 steps (0.014° angle resolution). (s)

The improved performance data are attributable to the new power regulator, among other things. Its high regulation precision, especially adapted to the high step resolution, is the prerequisite for the gentle smooth running in micro-step operation.

At the same time the regulator guarantees greater efficiency and less self-heating. Hence, in its typical use as a positioning drive, higher performance motors can be connected. Thus the new controller demonstrates very smooth running and additional dynamism to reduce cycle times.

The compact terminal housing and activation via the CAN bus by means of the CANopen profile have remained the same.




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