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Complete drive axes in food-grade Hygienic Design

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For applications in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries as well as in packaging technology, Beckhoff offers a complete control solution in “Hygienic Design,” consisting of Panel PCs, I/O modules and the servomotors from the AM8800 series, all in a stainless steel finish. The new stainless steel planetary gears from the AG2800 series supplement the AM8800 servomotors to form complete drive axes in Hygienic Design.

The AM8800 stainless steel servomotors are fully compatible with the demanding requirements in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries with respect to heavy mechanical loads, thorough cleaning procedures, resistance to aggressive cleaning agents and adverse environmental conditions. Thanks to the absolutely edge-free design of the servomotors, no additional constructive measures are required in machine construction. The user also benefits from fast and uncomplicated cleaning processes.

A drive axis with Hygienic Design does not always end at the stainless steel shaft of the motor; the use of a gearbox is often a must have. The stainless steel planetary gears from the AG2800 series are matched to the high hygiene requirements met by the AM8800 motors. All gearbox materials that come into contact with the production environment exhibit high resistance to a large number of aggressive CIP (Clean-in-Place) cleaning materials. The dead-space-free design, the smooth surface, the round motor adaptor and high resistance to corrosion make the AM8800 a servo axis with Hygienic Design that is perfectly matched to the new AG2800 series.

Key properties:

– corrosion resistant implementation

– resistant to aggressive cleaning agents

– stainless steel screw plug

– stainless steel output shaft

– food-compatible NSF-H1 lubrication

– use of special seals

– high protection class, IP 67

– laser-etched name plate

– dead-space-free design and smooth, electro-polished surfaces

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